Duolingo Match Madness - EVERYTHING You Need To Know - duoplanet (2023)

Timed challenges are awesome for cranking up your Duolingo XP and improving your comprehension speed.

The Lightning Round has long been my go-to challenge for this.

But now there’s a new kid on the block:

Match Madness.

What is this fancy new timed challenge? How do you get it? And what’s the best way to beat the clock?

Let’s take a look!

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What is Match Madness?

Match Madness is one of Duolingo’s timed challenges.

As with the Lightning Round and XP Ramp Up, you can access it in the league section of the app by tapping the Match Madness icon in the bottom right corner.

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Match Madness takes one of Duolingo’s classic exercises — Match the Pairs — and turns it into one of its toughest timed challenges.

The goal is to match a total of 90 word pairings in under 1 minute and 45 seconds.

If you manage to do this, you’ll earn 40 XP!

new match madness format

As of July 2022, some users have been getting a slightly different format for Match Madness.

The new format takes on the tiered approach of XP Ramp Up.

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According to this Reddit post, the new format has 9 levels, starting at 20 XP and working up in 5 XP increments. The max amount of XP you can now earn is 60 XP.

It also appears that each level adds more words to match. So instead of the traditional 90, you’ll need to match as many as 120 words in the final level.

I’m still rocking the original Match Madness at the moment, so I can’t comment on how difficult this is. But if the Reddit comments are anything to go by, the last level is near impossible.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve got the new format and what you think about it!

Which platforms have Match Madness?

As of June 2022, it looks like Match Madness is only available on iPhone.

Other users should still have access to timed challenges in the league section, but it will probably be a different challenge, such as Lightning Round or XP Ramp Up.

Duolingo usually releases new and experimental features on iPhone first, so don’t worry if you’re an iPad, Android or desktop user — you’ll probably get to try it out at some point in the future!

Which language courses have Match Madness?

For some reason, Match Madness is only available on a few of Duolingo’s language courses.

As of June 2022, Match Madness is definitely available for the following courses:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese

However, in other courses, such as Russian, it’s nowhere to be seen.

The list above isn’t exhaustive, so you might find that Match Madness is available in other courses as well. The guys at Duolingo will probably roll it out to more courses going forward, so I’ll update it when I can!

How does Match Madness work?

Match Madness is a really simple challenge to get your head around.

However, successfully completing it is far from simple!

As you’d expect from a timed challenge, you have to answer the questions correctly while also racing against the clock.

This puts you under more pressure than the normal lessons as you’re forced to trust your instincts.

Note that the below relates to the original Match Madness format!

Basically, you’re presented with two columns: one with English words, and one with their translations in your target language.

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Each time you match the English word with its translation, the words will disappear and a new set of words will take their place.

The challenge is split into the same three tiers as the other timed challenges, and gets harder the further you progress.

If you manage to complete the first tier, you’ll guarantee yourself 5 XP. To do this, you need to get 20 correct matches.

Duolingo Match Madness - EVERYTHING You Need To Know - duoplanet (5)

Completing the second tier will bag you a guaranteed 10 XP, and for this you need to get a further 30 correct matches.

Duolingo Match Madness - EVERYTHING You Need To Know - duoplanet (6)

If you manage to complete the third and final section, you’ll earn a solid 40 XP — but to do this you need to get a whopping 40 correct matches before the time runs out.

In total then, to get the full 40 XP, you need to get 90 correct matches.

Duolingo Match Madness - EVERYTHING You Need To Know - duoplanet (7)

As with the other timed challenges, you don’t get penalised for making a mistake. So if you get a pairing wrong, you won’t be docked any time or lose any hearts.

Match Madness Row Blaster

If you’re struggling with Match Madness, Duolingo now gives you the option to remove a row to make it easier.

Using a Row Blaster, the time limit remains the same; but, instead of the usual 5 rows, you’ll only have to contend with 4.

Duolingo Match Madness - EVERYTHING You Need To Know - duoplanet (8)
Duolingo Match Madness - EVERYTHING You Need To Know - duoplanet (9)

This can make all the difference. Having one less row to deal with makes things so much easier.

However, it’s not cheap… coming in at a cool 150 gems.

So, unless you’re sitting on a mountain of gems, this is a power-up you’ll probably want to use sparingly.

how to get the row blaster

To activate the Row Blaster, simply head over to Match Madness and boot up a round.

If you’ve never used it before, you should get the option to try it out for free.

Duolingo Match Madness - EVERYTHING You Need To Know - duoplanet (10)

After your free go, you’ll need to tap ‘Buy Row Blaster’ before each round and pay the 150 gem fee.

Match Madness tips

Matched Madness is definitely one of the tougher timed challenges, even if you’re a pro in your target language.

It forces you to think and act really quickly. Sometimes it can even make your head spin!

However, fear not — there are some things you can do to make it easier on yourself.

don’t get flustered

Match Madness preys on panic.

Don’t give it what it wants! If you panic, you’re more likely to make mistakes. Make too many mistakes, and you’ll get frustrated. Get frustrated, and you’ll panic more. And so the cycle continues.

Focus on staying calm, so that you can fully comprehend every word that pops up on screen.

That way you give yourself a much better chance of going the distance.

find your rhythm

Rhythm is everything with Match Madness.

You can call it getting into the zone, finding a flow, or whatever.

Once you let go and start to calmly trust your instincts, you’ll find the challenge a hell of a lot easier.

slow down!

Seriously. Slowwwwwww down.

This probably sounds counter-productive. I mean, there’s a clock after all — and there’s hardly any time!

But if you let your thumbs get ahead of your brain you’re more likely to make mistakes. And that’s when you start to get flustered.

You don’t want that. You want to stay composed.

Focus first on finding your rhythm, then gradually increase your speed from there. You’re way more likely to succeed!

focus on the left column

To the left, to the left!

The words from your native language will always be down the left-hand side. So in most cases, it makes sense to focus first on the left column.

Look for the words that you know you know in your target language — then you’ll actually know what you’re looking for in the right-hand column, rather than having to figure it out by a process of elimination.

take breaks between tiers

Don’t forget — the clock stops between tiers.

So when you complete the first tier, don’t feel as though you have to rush straight into the second tier. This is a great opportunity to take a second and catch your breath.

pin for later!

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How do I get better at match madness Duolingo? ›

Match Madness Row Blaster

If you're struggling with Match Madness, Duolingo now gives you the option to remove a row to make it easier. Using a Row Blaster, the time limit remains the same; but, instead of the usual 5 rows, you'll only have to contend with 4. This can make all the difference.

Is match madness possible Duolingo? ›

Match Madness is a timed challenge that requires learners to match vocabulary words and their meanings. One round of Match Madness is less than 2 minutes long! You can find Match Madness by navigating to the Leaderboard tab.

How many levels are there in match madness Duolingo? ›

The game includes 60 challenges with 3 levels of difficulty.

How do I claim early bird on Duolingo? ›

To unlock the Early Bird Bhest, you need to complete your first lesson of the day before 12pm. You will then get a notification at 6pm that your early bird chest is available, which you'll be able to open in the Duolingo shop. The reward is always a 15-minute XP Boost.

What do you get for 100 day streak on Duolingo? ›

Streak rewards

Note that some users are further challenged to 14 and 30 days, which double the reward every time. Reaching certain milestones (such as 100 day streak) can earn the user 3 days free of Super Duolingo.

Has anyone ever finished every Duolingo course? ›

That said, no course is ever complete (just look at all the changes Duolingo have made to the French and Spanish courses over the years!)

Has anyone actually finished Duolingo? ›

Duolingo gives you a placement test at the beginning of any new course so that you don't have to waste time with things you already know. I immediately “tested out” of 70% of the lessons and was able to take the final test for the Duolingo Award as they call it and completed it.

What happens when you get a year streak on Duolingo? ›

You reach the first tier once you hit a 365-day streak. After that, it goes up every year, and this will be reflected on your weekly leaderboards and profile page.

What happens when you finish all the courses in Duolingo? ›

Once you complete all the levels in a unit, you'll complete a challenge to earn your unit trophy. You'll also have the option to earn the Legendary trophy for each unit. NOTE: Super subscribers have unlimited attempts at Legendary.

How many Duolingo levels should I do a day? ›

Casual is one lesson per day, Regular is two, Serious is three, and Insane is five lessons in a day. I have my daily goal set to Serious, which requires completing three lessons daily, but I'll often do more lessons if I have the time, typically around five or six.

What happens when you finish #1 in the Diamond League in Duolingo? ›

According to Lilian, she won the first position in the Diamond League and then the next week, she was still in the Diamond League. Once you win the Diamond League, the only thing that will happen is that you will have earned a new Achievement Badge for getting #1!

How did I just get super Duolingo for free? ›

How do I get Super Duolingo? If you're currently a free user of Duolingo, you can upgrade to Super Duolingo at any time in the app! You'll be able to try Super free for 2 weeks before your subscription starts.

How to get 1,000 points on Duolingo in a day? ›

My Systemized Approach to Earn 1,000 XP in a Day
  1. Step 1: Morning – Earn 1,000 XP on Duolingo. ...
  2. Step 2: Evening – XP Boost & Review. ...
  3. Step 3: Evening – Earn a New XP Boost. ...
  4. Step 4: Evening – Take a Break at 500 XP. ...
  5. Step 5: Evening – Alternate Regular Lessons and Practice Hub.
Jan 25, 2022

What day is duolingos birthday? ›

Screenshot Homepage
Users60.7 million MAU (2022)
Launched27 November 2011 (private beta) 19 June 2012 (public release)
20 more rows

What is the longest day streak on Duolingo? ›

Doing our daily lesson allows us to better understand the learner's experience and identify bugs, brush up on our language skills, and sure, get a little competitive with our streaks. The longest streak for a Duolingo employee right now is more than 3,000 days strong!

What happens if you miss a day on Duolingo? ›

A streak freeze on Duolingo allows you to pause (or in this case 'freeze') your streak. This means that if you miss a day — i.e. you don't login and complete any lessons — then your streak won't reset to 0. A streak freeze is basically a safety net that gives your streak that extra bit of protection.

What is the rarest language on Duolingo? ›

Those who want to learn the endangered Hawaiian language have been able to do so for free on the Duolingo app since October 2018. As of March 2022, it is the language of choice for 586,000 Duolingo users. Hawaiian classes are also available on Memrise.

What is the lowest level in Duolingo? ›

How many levels are there in Duolingo? The old Duolingo levels ranged from 1 to 25 — with 1 being the lowest, and 25 being the highest.

What is the most studied Duolingo? ›

Most popular languages to study on Duolingo in 2023
  • French.
  • German.
  • Japanese.
  • Italian.
  • Korean.
  • Portuguese.
  • Chinese.
  • Hindi.
May 9, 2023

What percentage of Duolingo users finish their course? ›

Duolingo doesn't release completion rates for its courses, but a report last year said American users ranked 68th out of all countries in the number of lessons completed. A separate informal study put the overall completion rate for Spanish at less than 0.01 percent.

Can you become fluent from Duolingo? ›

Plus, many users noticed that they would study and keep their streak up for days and days, and still not be able to speak the language or could only speak at an intermediate level. And this comes from a lack of human interaction and real speaking practice. So, no, you can't become fluent with Duolingo alone.

Which is better babbel or Duolingo? ›

The biggest difference between Babbel and Duolingo is the approach to language learning. Babbel is a better option if you want traditional language instructions through modules and lessons. By contrast, Duolingo works great if you need a playful, gamified experience.

How long does it take to become fluent with Duolingo? ›

Putting in ten hours of study and practice per day, this equates to two months for “easy” languages and four months for “difficult” languages. How do you get started? Web sites such as DuoLingo can teach you 27 languages for free.

What level of fluency is Duolingo? ›

At Duolingo, we're developing our courses to get you to a level called B2, at which you can get a job in the language you're studying. Reaching that kind of proficiency requires dedication, varied practice opportunities, and a lot of time.

What is the easiest language to learn? ›

We've used data from the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) to rank them from the easier to the somewhat more challenging.
  • Frisian. ...
  • Dutch. ...
  • Norwegian. ...
  • Spanish. ...
  • Portuguese. ...
  • Italian. ...
  • French. ...
  • Swedish.
Oct 24, 2021

What is a good Duolingo streak? ›

The streak is a fun and simple feature, but committing yourself to keeping one is also one of the best ways to stay on track of your learning goals. It's no wonder that Duolingo learners who reach a streak of just 7 days are 3.6 times more likely to complete their course.

Is Super Duolingo worth it? ›

All things considered, if you're an enthusiastic, devoted language learner like me, Super Duolingo is well worth the price. If you don't mind watching ads and aren't obsessed with your streak, however, continuing to use the free version is probably just fine.

Can you finish Duolingo in a year? ›

To finish a Duolingo language in one year, you'd have to spend 60 minutes per day on the app. Keep in mind we're assuming you don't have to practice to earn more hearts (lives), AND that you're not testing out of levels.

How many times can you retake Duolingo? ›

Once you complete and submit a test, you will need to wait for your results before taking a new test. You may purchase three tests in any 30 day period.

What happens when you don't do your Duolingo lessons? ›

Get a streak freeze to make sure you don't lose your streak when you forget to practice for a day. A streak freeze must be purchased in advance of a day of a missed lesson to protect the streak. You can equip up to 2 streak freezes at a time. You can purchase a streak freeze via the app and web shop.

How many people actually complete a Duolingo course? ›

An informal study estimates that course completion rates fall as low as 0.01% for Spanish learners (second most popular language on Duolingo), and peak at 0.24% for Ukrainian learners.

Is an hour a day of Duolingo good? ›

You don't need to spend hours on Duolingo each day. However, you must put a reasonable amount of time into learning. If you log in to complete one lesson and sign out as soon as you've reached 10XP, you won't get very far. To optimize your learning, aim to spend between 15 and 30 minutes on the app each day.

What does 34 hours of Duolingo teach? ›

According to an independent study conducted by the City University of New York and the University of South Carolina, an average of 34 hours of Duolingo are equivalent to a full university semester of language education. You can see a full report of the study here.

What percent of Duolingo users are in the diamond league? ›

Due to the promotion and demotion system that Duolingo has put in place, I would estimate that at least 30% of active users are in the Diamond League.

Who has the most XP on Duolingo? ›

The user with the most XP on Duolingo is Gue8000 with 11,895,374 XP and the user with the second most XP on Duolingo is davidbohardt with 10,170,803 XP. There is some debate as to who is the user with the most amount of XP on Duolingo.

Is it hard to get to Diamond in Duolingo? ›

There are no given XP criteria to hit for the Duolingo Diamond League, we've seen people with as low as 2000 XP get into it and work their way up to win, but some people have gotten in with 7,000 XP and struggled while they're in the league. It depends on the language, the popularity, and honestly changes week to week.

How to get unlimited hearts in Duolingo for free? ›

How do I enable Unlimited Hearts?
  1. Make sure you have the latest Duolingo app version.
  2. Open your Duolingo app and tap on the Super Duo icon (top).
  3. Tap the Unlimited Hearts to turn on.
  4. Now you should be able to make mistakes without losing any hearts.

How to get unlimited gems in Duolingo for free? ›

8 Ways to Earn Gems in Duolingo
  1. Double or Nothing Wager. If you are willing to be super consistent with Duolingo (which I can NEVER do… ...
  2. Earn Gems by Achieving Your Daily Goal & Daily Quests. ...
  3. Complete Friends Quests. ...
  4. Finish a League in the Top 3 Places. ...
  5. Maintain a Streak. ...
  6. Earn an Achievement.

How do you get super duo? ›

How do I subscribe to Super Duolingo
  1. Tap on the Shop tab on the Android/iOS app or web version. You can also subscribe via the Super icon on web.
  2. Select 'Try/Get Super' on the banner at the top, and follow the instructions.
  3. Tap 'View all plans'
  4. Select the subscription package of your choice. ...
  5. Confirm the purchase.

What happens if you get a 30 day streak on Duolingo? ›

The Streak Society is an exclusive club in Duolingo acquired by users upon reaching a 30 day streak. The program was rolled out on May 28th, 2022 and originally limited membership to users with a 365 day streak. It contains rewards for its members accessible through a tiered system.

How much Duolingo XP can you get in an hour? ›

XP Happy Hour on Duolingo is basically an hour-long XP boost. For every lesson your complete during XP Happy Hour, you'll earn an additional 5 XP! So instead of the usual 10 XP (not including combo bonus) you'll bag yourself at least 15 XP for every completed lesson.

How many levels are in match madness Duolingo? ›

The game includes 60 challenges with 3 levels of difficulty.

How old is Duolingo? ›

So in 2011, Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker founded Duolingo: the free way to learn 30+ languages like Spanish, Chinese, and English. Now, Duolingo is the world's #1 way to learn a language, with more than 500 million learners worldwide.

How many languages can you learn on Duolingo at once? ›

At Duolingo, you can learn as many languages as you want! We encourage you to select a new language to tackle once you've completed a course.

Does Duolingo have math? ›

Duolingo Math is an iOS application made by Duolingo (best known for their language-learning application) to help users improve their knowledge of math. (It is not yet available for Android devices.) The app teaches users by gamifying math, creating challenges and levels for users to work through and earn stars.

How do people get very high scores on Duolingo? ›

Reviewing at the “Hard Practice” level results in 20XP – two times more XP than a new lesson. Reviewing previous lessons [selecting “Hard Practice”] is key to both learning a new language on Duolingo – and to earn XP fast on the platform.

How to get 500 Duolingo gems fast? ›

8 Ways to Earn Gems in Duolingo
  1. Double or Nothing Wager. If you are willing to be super consistent with Duolingo (which I can NEVER do… ...
  2. Earn Gems by Achieving Your Daily Goal & Daily Quests. ...
  3. Complete Friends Quests. ...
  4. Finish a League in the Top 3 Places. ...
  5. Maintain a Streak. ...
  6. Earn an Achievement.

What is considered a good Duolingo score? ›

115 is considered a good Duolingo score. A score above 110 is considered good, and that above 120 is considered excellent in Duolingo. Is 120 a good Duolingo score? Yes, 120 is considered to be an excellent Duolingo score.

How far can Duolingo take you? ›

When it comes to listening and reading, they found that 5 units of Duolingo is comparable to 4 university semesters. As for speaking, they found that at least 50% of learners that had completed 5 units of the French and Spanish courses reached at least an A2 level of speaking.

How do you play Match Madness Extreme? ›

How to play
  1. Take a set of 5 blocks from the regular game and add one block from the new Match Madness Extreme!
  2. Flip a new card from the expansion pack.
  3. The first player to recreate the pattern wins!

How many people can play Match Madness? ›

FoxMind Games: Match Madness, A Pattern Matching Puzzle Game, Think Fast to Make the Match, Develop Rapid Problem-Solving Abilities, Fine Motor Skills, Play with up to 4 Players, For Ages 7 and up.

What happens when you finish all of Duolingo? ›

The guidebook can be accessed any time, even when you complete the unit. NOTE: Guidebooks are not available for all languages. Once you complete all the levels in a unit, you'll complete a challenge to earn your unit trophy. You'll also have the option to earn the Legendary trophy for each unit.


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